Gore's solo show!

Exhibition runs from Friday October 13th until Friday October 27th, 2023 
GORE / Daniel Lara is such a talented creative
 Coming to make Australia his home with his wonderful family after a wild and wonderful younger life in tattooing, graffiti and creativity in Spain. Where he tells stories of hanging with his posse and being free and adventurous, only interested in making art on the street and drinking in these moments where his creative beginnings and his social life intermixed. 
My expectations were high from his previous forays into painting, but like he has this strong determined mind... he has just floored us all with this, his first solo exhibition in Australia. 
I am always looking out for artists who can kick down the walls and bust through the glass ceiling. 
This is exactly what he has done.
Whilst losing none of his street smart Spanish boy inside, his sense of humour, his very cool demeanour. He's just stepped up and said 'this is Gore who paints.' 
How we get the honour to exhibit this body of work is just a pinch yourself moment. Even better, is to get to spend time with him and his family. One very delightful bunch. 
So real, so wordly, yet you get the heart, soul and talent of the guy who is Gore / Daniel, THE BOY you get and certainly THE MAN. 
STRONG, UNRELENTING, CHEEKY and I think lining up to be one of the greats.
David & Yuge Bromley