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'In Some Places' Lucks

"Luck is the springboard from which I dive into my pool of paint."- Lucks 

Symbols of good and bad luck can be found in every culture. Brisbane artist Lucks has a deep curiosity with these markers - spending countless hours researching their origins. His works are a collision of these symbols - encouraging our innate desire to decipher meaning and to hunt for contradictions and similarities.

His latest show is Through The Lucking Glass With The Mad March Hare. Lucks describes his works:  

" I’ve contrasted my animals (full of colour, patterns and symbols) with some black and white text pieces.

And then I’ve also combined the two.

The sometimes contradictory and abstract nature of the folklore around Luck allows me the pleasure to compliment, contrast, combine and clash these elements onto canvas into a final composition."


Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas

122 x 91.5cm

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